-2018 (July) BASS College National Championship (Tenkiller Lake, OK) 10th out of 136 boats

-2018 (June) BASS College State Championship (Mosquito Lake, OH) 3rd out of 11 boats

-2018 (May) BASS College Series Eastern Tour (Cherokee Lake, TN) 96th out of 262 boats

-2018 (April) BASS College Series Southern Tour (Pickwick Lake, AL) 86th out of 235 boats

-2018 (Jan) BASS College Series Central Tour (Toledo Bend Lake, LA) 71st out of 208 boats

-2018 (June) FLW National Championship (Red River, LA) 72nd out of 168 boats

-2018 (March) FLW Open (Kentucky Lake, KY) 79th out of 216 boats


- 2017 (March) BASS College Midwest Regional (Lake of the Ozarks, MO) 10th out of 138 boats

- 2017 (April) FLW College Northern Regional (Smith Mt. Lake, VA) 11th out of 142 boats

- 2017 (July) FLW College Northern Regional (Chautauqua Lake, NY) 12th out of 130 boats

- 2017 (Aug) BASS National Championship (Lake Bemidji, MN) 43rd out of 90 boats


High School

- 2016 BASS HS Southern Open (Lake Guntersville, AL) 18th out of 322 boats

- 2016 BASS HS State Championship (Indian Lake, OH) 10th out of 24 boats

- 2016 FLW HS State Championship (Alum Creek Lake, OH) 4th out of 52 boats

- 2016 FLW HS Regional Finals (Tanners Creek, OH) 6th out of 35 boats


- 2015 BASS HS Midwest Open (Springfield Lake, IL) 24th out of 45 boats

- 2015 BASS HS State Championship (Rocky Fork Lake, OH) 8th out of 25 boats

- 2015 FLW HS State Championship (Alum Creek Lake, OH) 13th out of 42 boats

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